Last month I spoke with a colleague about a requirement to map "Quote Products - Order Products - Invoice Products" which was a simple enough task we thought, but the more and more we looked into it we realised that we couldn't use the entity relationship to map the fields so we used a 3rd party solution to give the customer what was needed.

So tonight I opened up XRMToolBox and downloaded the latest plugins to see one called "Your Entity Attribute Mapping" by NORRIQ - This peaked my interested so I opened it up to have a look and here is what I found.

I used the scenario that I had previously discussed to see if this Plugin was a viable option

As you will see there are no relationships for these entities that I can use to map the fields

Current Relationships

Opening up the Plugin, Connecting to my Instance and loading the entities into the nice GUI.

You will see a list of entities on the left, Select an entity and it will show you what it can be mapped to

You'll notice the interface is similar to the CRM Field Mapping you select source and destination.

The Map has now been created between the 2 entities

Looking a little more into it you can use Custom Entities, Custom Fields and Standard items.

These little Plugins that are being released in the XRMToolBox are making the need for a developer more and more infrequent for items like so.