The Fall release of Dynamics 365 (8.2) has brought some troubleshooting and statistical feedback for your CRM Instance(s)

Below are the steps to install and configure the App

1) You will need to log into AppSource with your O365 CRM Admin account

2) Give Microsoft Permission and accept the Terms

3) From the right hand side select the instance of CRM that you would like this to be installed on (Data usage will look at all instances in a single tenancy)

4) Logging into the D365 Admin centre will show the App as "Pending Installation".

5) After a couple of minutes this will be installed ready for use.

6) Once it has installed go into Administration>System Settings>Previews then accept and enable.

7)  Once the App is installed the System Administrator and System Customizer roles will have their permissions update then each security role that is assigned the “Saved Organization Insights Configuration” & “OrgInsights User Dashboard Definition” permissions will grant access.

8) Now browse to Settings>Organization Insights.

9) You now have 5 Dashboards within the OI area as well as an "Organization Insights Dashboard" as a system dashboard.