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Hello Everyone, If you are looking for customizing the CRM Portal Home Page UI, This article is for you.

For demonstration, Let's take a simple example:

Suppose my client requirement is to show different Home Page UI for Anonymous and Authenticated Users - So If an anonymous user visits my portal, he/she should be able to view company image slider and if the user is authenticated then OOB UI should be visible.

So Let's quickly understand what we need to do for the same:

Note - Please take a copy of OOB Home Web Template code before start making any changes.

Step 1: Open Home Web Template (Portals > Web Templates > Home)

Step 2: Write Code to check whether user is Anonymous or Authenticated

{% if user %}

 User is Authenticated

{% else if %}
 User is Anonymous

{% endif %}

Step 3: Paste the below code (or that you had copied as a backup) between the 

{% if user %} and {% else if %} block.

{% if user %}

{% assign forums_sm = sitemarkers["Forums"] %}

class="page_section section-landing">
class="row ">
class="section-landing-heading">{% editable snippets 'Home/Title'
default: 'Contoso' %}
class="section-landing-sub-heading">{% editable snippets 'Home/Subtitle'
default: 'Customer' %}
{% include 'Search' %}