Hi all,
The most feature rich release(Polaris) post CRM 2011 has already been out and excited to see the same applied on my CRM online instance. Following is the snapshot of CRM 2011 in Chrome Browser.CRM Online(Polaris) Landing Page:

Account Home Page Grid:

Account Form:

Few observations:

1. As expected, “Areas” in Left Navigation Pane doesn’t have icons.
2. “Resource Center” still exists as it should not(we will come to know when it will be removed)
3. In “Account” grid, “account” icon column has been removed.
4. Coming to Ribbon, disabled ribbons are greyed but still retaining their icon colours.
5. Tab text colour changed to light blue and size got decreased.
6. No divider line between header and body
7. New icons(refresh, arrow buttons etc..)
8. Significant control highlighting with border when it get focused
9. And the notable difference is in “Notes” Section:

Now, we can type notes text and upload an attachment at one go whereas earlier it used to be one after the other.

Overall at first glance you can find certain CSS changes. In order to find exact CSS changes I downloaded the SDK v5.0.13 for polaris & UR12 . However, the visual style guide doesn’t include the latest CSS changes. Is it a miss in the package??

Now, lets come to the main course…where are the Process driven UI for Account, Contact and Opportunity entities? As we heard it earlier that there will be a new form for each entity(Account, Contact and Opportunity)which will have same name as their entity schema name. However, in the above account form, you don’t see it having an option to select another form. As most of you might have already know that we need to explicitly enable this feature so as customer will have the flexibility to choose when they require this. Remember once this feature is enabled we cannot revert it.

To enable, navigate to “Settings->Administration->Product Updates and click on “Update” button

It will take few minutes to install the updates. Once it gets installed, you will see the following content:

Installation process actually involves in creating the new UI forms, a new entity called “Process Configuration”, appropriate assignment of privileges and all the required components for them.  However, the new UI forms won’t contain all the customization whichever we have done prior to UR12. So, we need to migrate them manually(First point in the above screenshot talks about that). As I am having a new CRM instance which doesn’t have any customizations, I am good to go and use the new UI forms as is. Again, you are not yet done. Click on the second link(Enable the new forms) to enable the new UI feature.

Refresh your page and you can see that “Resource Center” Area has been disappered.

Account Form(Process driven):

Contact Form(Process driven):

Opportunity Form(Process driven):

Getting a taste of Metro Style design app in CRM…???

There are lot more stuff of UR 12 to try out… Happy CRMing..!!!

Hope it helps..!!!