I was getting some errors when trying to associate some records on creation of “User” and “Team” entities. I have registered “Post – Sync” step for those plugins.Getting following error for “Post” “Sync” plugin on “User” creation:
Error: usersettings with Id Does not Exist.


Getting following error for “Post” “Sync” plugin on “Team” creation:
Error: Generic SQL Error.

Changing them from “Post – Sync” to “Post – ASync” resolved the issue. It looks like SQL Locks might be causing the issue. There may be few more System entities for which the same is applicable. There is no documentation available specifying for which System entities creation “Post – Sync” plugins are not allowed. So, next time if you get any of the above errors for any of the other entities then try to change it to “ASync” and see whether it resolves your issue.

Hope it helps..!!!