Spring time it is (at least in the northern hemisphere) – The ice melts, the flowers bloom and new features of Dynamics CRM 2013 emerge!

The Release Preview Guide for the Spring wave of CRM 2013 release is available for a download here.

The Release Preview Guide highlights the new capabilities of CRM 2013 as part of the Spring ’14 release. Microsoft plans to deliver the Spring wave features to the CRM online customers as an automatic service update with the option to opt in for additional Customer Service capabilities, and to the on-premises customers as an installable service pack (SP1).

The Spring wave is one of the biggest releases so far on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There are a whole new bunch of functionalities in offer for the Marketers, Sales Professionals and Service professionals. Explore the exciting new capabilities that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will deliver for you now and into the future and provide your feedback/suggestion on Microsoft Connect.