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How to filter a View by owning user's BU and account for if the record is owned by a Team?

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Debra Silbert asked a question on 19 Jun 2017 4:39 PM
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This View Filter criteria works for User but I have records which could be owned by a User or a Team.  Is there a way to modify it so it would include an OR statement?

Alex Shlega responded on 19 Jun 2017 4:50 PM
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Hi Deb,

 see if you have "Owning Business Unit" under "Related entities" for that entity when creating a filter. It'll be set to the team BU or to the user BU, depending on who the owner is.

  For the filter, it'll be

  Related Entities-Owning Business Unit->Business Unit equals "Police" 

PS. Not sure if you still need it considering that other question with the dashboards, but anyway.

Debra Silbert responded on 19 Jun 2017 7:05 PM
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No Owning Business unit. Just Owning User and Owning Team.
Alex Shlega responded on 19 Jun 2017 7:19 PM
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It's not searchable it seems.. I've tried with a few custom entities - the field is there, but it's not searchable and CRM would not allow me to change that..

Not sure then. You can't use "OR" for your original filter

The only other option, it seems, would be to create a new BU lookup field and use a workflow to assign it (from the team or from the user owner) whenever a record is assigned/created. Or, still, just make it work off the security rather than off the filters

Alex Shlega responded on 19 Jun 2017 7:49 PM
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You might also try not equals condition instead.. it might be more difficult to maintain..

Basically, if the team owner is not in any other bu, and use owner is not in any other bu(other than police), then it's a police business unit. But you will have to list all those bu-s, and you'll have to keep updating those views if/as you are changing the bu structure

EDIT: Does not work that way. Just tested. Well, learning something..


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