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Trying to install Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 on Windows server 2008

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dynamicsnew asked a question on 9 Oct 2018 12:07 AM

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Trying to install Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 on Windows server 2008. Getting following error messages. How do I get to install on Windows server 2008

dynamicsnew responded on 13 Oct 2018 8:38 AM

Just wanted to update. After some tense moments and trying probably all permutations and combinations.  I was able to proceed with the installation using another setup file. The one that Microsoft provides in their website does not work (amazed at how the files that are not working on their website, is still there).

dynamicsnew responded on 18 Oct 2018 6:22 AM

Thanks! We were able to fix this issue by using a new installer, not the one on MS Website

Radu Chiribelea responded on 9 Oct 2018 3:06 AM
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Hi - I think there is in issue with the Visual C++ Runtime package. If you try to install it upfront and don't let the CRM installer patch it for you does it work? What I suspect happens the CRM installer (since it is an old build) package tries to grab the Visual C++ Runtime from a location that is no longer available - hence you get the exception.

I'd suggest you check the requirements and see what build you need and then download it from the internet and install it manually. Afterwards run the CRM installation.

Hope this helps,



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