How to show custom notifications when user login to CRM 2011

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We have IFD CRM 2011 installation, when user login to CRM system, at that time we want to show some custom pop up screen.

This screen is one time, when user login to CRM 2011. It is possible to track CRM login event so that on login we can write some javascript, and show custom notifications???


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  • Hello,

    Have you looked into using CRM Announcements?

    If that doesn't can play with the Sitemap editor and add a link to your side map that would display the message. Set that entity as default for all users.

  • Thanks Gus for reply...

    Actually we have different business units & teams in CRM system, one user might be member of multiple teams of different business units.

    So when user login to CRM system, user want to pick his team, so that he will see all data related to that team only.

    I have plugin to switch user's team and business unit but I want to show custom page / silver light page, when user login to system, so that he will select working team.

    Right now, we have button on application ribbon, and user needs to click on that button, when he login to system and he will switch his team & business unit. If there is way to show custom pop-up when login, then that will be great.

  • Yeah, I am not sure if that is possible in CRM...Maybe you should use redirection, like the users going to a website, the website sends a pop up and then redirects them to the CRM website. :)