weird issue renaming crm datagrid column header

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Hello - I was able to change/publish the Display Name for an Entity Field and this name change was reflected in the column name for the field in the CRM datagrid.

However, I changed/published the Display Name for a different Entity Field and for some reason "(Username)" is getting displayed after that field's Display Name in the column header.

Do you have any idea what might be causing this behavior? I don't want "(Username)" to display after the column name, only the Display Name that I've published for the field....

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  • Is the field with the funny behavior on the entity the view is based on or is it on a related entity?

  • Remove the column from the view save and close, and then add the column to the view again.

  • Here's a "before" screenshot of the Assignment View designer:

    Here's an "after" screenshot of the Assignment View designer:

    So it looks like the record type is getting included in parentheses after the column name.  I'm guessing this is because the same column name exists for more than 1 record type so CRM includes the record type as part of the column name to make sure the column name is properly qualified. Does this sound about right?

    I'm guessing CRM does not provide a way to remove the record type qualifying name from the column name in this scenario?