how to remove left nav items from crm form?

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Hello, how can I remove left nav items from the crm form? For example, please see the following screenshot:

Some users are complaining that:

My Work > Accounts
My Work > Contacts

is redundant with:

Customers > Accounts
Customers > Contacts

I'd like to take an approach where I remove the Customers left nav section entirely or hide it - as long as it's not visible to the users. Do you know if this is possible or how to do this?

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  • If you go into the form editor, up at the top you'll see an option for Navigation. Once that is selected you can remove items (or add new ones). If you remove all the items from the section, the heading won't be visible.

    Jason Lattimer
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  • To hide left hand navigation completely on entity form, go to setting - > customization -> Entity -> Select entity -> Select Forms - > open form in design mode -> select “Form Properties” from ribbon -> “Display” tab -> under “page navigation” section, uncheck “Show navigation Items”


    Vijay Waghmare

  • Hi Andrew,

    To do what you want is necessary to change the sitemap of your CRM. To make that easy, you can download a sitemap editor on this link:

    After you download, connect to your CRM with the editor and make the changes on your sitemap you would like to.

    Best regards,

    Éber Gustavo

  • If you are familiar with XML, you can export the sitemap and do it by hand. There is information here - - on how to do this.

    Alternatively, edit the sitemap. The sitemap editor at xrmtoolbox as Eber has said is pretty good with that, although I have had problems when having multiple connections to different tenants and using this tool, so just be careful with that. I personally would rather edit by hand, because that makes me understand how it all fits together.



  • The problem is that I'm trying to make changes to the left nav items for Workplace.  I looked through Customization entities and I didn't see a "Workplace" entity.

    Custom entities have checkbox options for "Areas that display this entity" including "Workplace."  However, this option appears to be disabled for native CRM entities like Account.

    Will I need to use SiteMap Editor ( to achieve the goal I described in my original post?

  • Yes, you will need to edit SiteMap via SiteMap Editor or by hand as Ian sad.

    Best regards,

    Éber Gustavo

  • Thanks for your feedback everyone!  I was able to delete the unwanted groups from the left nav section through the SiteMap Editor tool.

    I have another request from the customer to collapse a group in one of the areas by default.  There doesn't appear to be a way to do this through the SiteMap Editor tool.  I also looked at the SiteMap xml file as well as the following related url without any additional clues:

    It seems like this would be a common client request for usability reasons.  Do you know if there's a standard way to accomplish this?  If not then have you been able to do this through a more custom (supported/unsupported) approach?

  • I've not seen that option before I'm afraid. You may be able to do some unsupported javascript hacking to collapse them, but that would get messy, and would probably get overwritten during upgrades anyway.