While trying to troubleshoot performance issues with CRM 2011, UR16, I get this action reported in SCOM:

ASP PAGE:/CRMReports/rsviewer/QuirksReportViewer.aspx

and it shows up often and at random times of day.  A google search yielded this answer, "Microsoft made a change to how reporting is handled for Internet Explorer to help with issues that cross browser support introduced for SSRS. Therefore, they no longer pass back a DOCTYPE element in their response data. This apparently forces IE into Quirks mode and a use of the new QuirksReportViewer.aspx page.”

Is this redirect causing our poor response times?  Is this issue resovled in CRM 2015?  We are pre-planning an upgrade now.  CRM 2013 is not an option as our field needs both online and offline functionality.