Adding one activity entry to multiple records

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 I am trying to run the "Create Quick Campaign Wizard" for a list of accounts pulled up through an advanced find. When I create the campaign activity and try to post it to all account records, I get the following error message:

"CRM installation is in an inconsistent state to process your request. Please contact your system administrator to repair the installation."

Ultimately, my end goal is to be able to add an activity to multiple accounts at one time. For example, if I send a letter to 300 accounts, I want to be able to go into the "Activities" section on each account and see that a letter was sent. Is there a way to fix the error message? Or, is there another way to accomplish my end goal? I would welcome any suggestions. Thank you.

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  • Kate,

    This would be the easiest way to accomplish what you're trying to do and should work.  Have you tried completing this directly on the CRM server to eliminate any network related issues?

     The only thing I would look out for on this is that the Quick Campaign will create 300 open Activities that need to be manually closed.  You may want to set-up a Workflow that will set the status to closed on any new Letter activities that you/Workflow creates so that you don't have to manually close 300 Acitivities to history.