Hi, I simply want to make sure that I am understanding this correctly.

We are an insurance company, we can offer group insurance plans, group retirement plans, individual insurance plans and home+car insurance plans. 

What I was thinking is you have one prospect for all four opportunities. And is you call a prospect and he says yes for group insurance, than you create the opportunity and specify in that opportunity that it is for that service.  Then reactivate the prospect to use it again for the three other products. The problem is first i want to know if this makes sense.

Also, I'd want to know if there is an easier way to do it. Because including the prospect  to create the opportunity and contact-account(unless they already exist) and having to go back to reactivate the prospect and right a note that there is an opportunity that was included and...... It made sense when i first thought of it but now I am not so sure. What do you think?