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Qualified Lead Actvities: Change the Set Regarding to the Newly Created Opportunity

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JonesEA asked a question on 16 May 2019 12:54 PM

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Is there a way to change the regarding on emails, phone calls, and other activities to automatically be the newly created opportunity instead of the lead? I know we can manually change the regarding on activities but is there a way to do it (without coding!) when the lead is qualified?

Our VP of Sales wants to see the last activity date on opportunities.  Often the latest activities reflected in the Activities tab were created under the lead and retain the lead as the Regarding. Due to this they aren't counted as activities on the opportunity and they won't show in the view he created for himself.

Any ideas?



Shidin Haridas responded on 17 May 2019 3:13 AM
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Suppose you have a lead with 5 phone calls, 2 emails and so on.

When you qualify the lead, ALL activities from the lead will be visible on the Activities tab of the Opportunity record.

But, as you said, the regarding field is still set to the original lead itself.

Now if you have to go with a no-code approach, doesn't leave you with many options other than to modify the view the 'VP of sales' has created to include these ones as well.

So, if you could share the view created, perhaps we could modify it to include the activities from leads.



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