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Hi,    I am doing the analysis for migrating our existing data from CRM (in-house not CRM 3.0) to MD CRM. Now most of our products map to generic forms, so the existing lead, opportunity, account and contact forms and entity flow suffices. However there is one product that is really different from the rest. Now i thought about creating a custom entity and it appeared to have resolved the issue but how do i track different sale stages for my custom entity. Ideally I would like that a lead can be converted to my Custom Entity. However i dont see anyway to do that. I know i can achieve this through SDK but is that the right way to go about it. So the question is simply that in case of custom entities how do we track the sales process of Lead, Opp, Account and Contact? Since custom entity is created as its different from others so the creation, edit, view forms capture different information and cant fit into the lead, account entities provided out of the box.



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  • The CRM Sales Process are custom business logic that are programmed inside CRM, a custom entity can't behave as as Sales-Process-Enabled entity.

    I think that the solution to your scenario resides in custom attributes that can be changed using Workflows. So sales stage can be changed when some attributes of you custom entity change (using workflow).


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