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kevans asked a question on 15 Jun 2010 8:37 AM

 I've modified an existing CRM report, which contains a subreport,  in Visual Studio.  I created new reports (with new names) in CRM from the modified .rdl files, but I can't link the sub-report to the parent.  When I originally bring in the subreport, the Parent Report field is grayed out, if I save it and then go back in and edit it, the Parent Report field is available, but there aren't any reports to choose from.  However, In the 'Edit Report' screen for the original subreport that I modified, the original parent report and the modified one that I created are both available to choose from.

Noor responded on 29 Jun 2010 4:30 AM

1.In the visual studio, keep both parent and sub report in the same report project

2. Click on the textbox properties which you want to be a navigation link to subreport

3.Click Navigation section

4.Select Jump to report option

5.Select your subreport from the dropdown list.

6.Set parameters that you want to pass it to subreport

7.Save this parent reportin VS

8.Add your parent report to CRM.

9.Next add your subreport.Adding subreport will automatically pick up the parent report.

Hope it helps


Anilm responded on 30 Jan 2017 11:24 PM

Parent Report --> Text-box --> Action --> Go to Report --> Specify Report (If you write an expression) then when uploading the reports the parent report is not detected in the sub-reports.

Any suggestions please?

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