workflow bawsed on connection not working

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I am using Microsoft CRM 2011, with Hotfix rollup 4 applied on premises.

I want a workflow to update a field on the Opportunity when a specific Connection is made.

The business requirement is to get the user to set up a connection of type Sponsor between the appropriate existing contact and the opportunity when the sponsor for the opportunity is know.  When this is done, I want workflow to set a two option field in the opportunity to 'yes'.

I have written the workflow and it publishes correctly.  However, when I create the connection, the workflow fires and is then waiting.  It says "a record required by this process could not be found.



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  • Hi Gill,

    If you have included references to any records in the lookup while designing the workflow please check if those records still exist in the system. It might be that it is pointing to one of those missing records.

    Just a suggestion to check...



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