error message with email templates

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After selecting Settings & Templates,  I click on Email Templates and receive Error Message - Try Again.  All the other templates work but Email.  Can anyone help?

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  • I have exactly the same issue. No idea what the cause is. No one on teh system can access email templates.

  • Diane,

    Is this on CRM 2011?

    Online or OnPrem?

  • It is on OnPrem.

  • I have the exactly same errors, is there no one know what's going wrong ?

  • What UR do you have installed Matthew?

  • We have recently installed UR 6, but this did not solve the issue.

    It is a big problem. No one can use e-mail templates.

  • Use this below stored procedure & delete query to solve this issue, picked from below link.

  • sp_executesql


    top 5001 "savedquery0".IsDefault as "isdefault"

    , "savedquery0".IsQuickFindQuery as "isquickfindquery"

    , "savedquery0".SavedQueryId as "savedqueryid"

    , coalesce("LL0".Label,"savedquery0".Name ) as "name"


    SavedQuery as "savedquery0"

    left outer join LocalizedLabelView as "LL0" on ("LL0".ObjectId = "savedquery0".SavedQueryId and "LL0".LanguageId = 1033 and "LL0".ObjectColumnName=''Name'' )


    (("savedquery0".StateCode = @StateCode0 and "savedquery0".ReturnedTypeCode = @ReturnedTypeCode0 and ("savedquery0".QueryType in (@QueryType0

    , @QueryType1)))) order by

    name asc

    , "savedquery0".SavedQueryId asc'

    ,N'@StateCode0 int,@ReturnedTypeCode0 int,@QueryType0 int,@QueryType1 int',@StateCode0=0,@ReturnedTypeCode0=2010,@QueryType0=0,@QueryType1=


    -- delete from SavedQueryBase where SavedQueryId='ENTER THE SAVED QUERY ID HERE'

  • Hello Diane,

    Are you still facing this issue. Which update rollup are you on.

    I would suggest you to be on latest update rollup if possible and see if this issue occurs.

    Also if there is any more information regarding the issue then please share with us.

    Thank You !