IISRESET after customization

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I am aware this is an repeated question, But after updating to latest Rollup 6 on CRM 2011. After Publishing customization, we need to Reset IIS or app pool to Publish the changes. It was not the case earlier.

Note: It is not the Browser issue.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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  • Hello,

    Can you try restarting the Microsoft Async Services on the CRM server?

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    have tired restarting the server,services.

    Doesn't solve the problem. :(

  • Hi Dj ,

    1.  I would like you to test in this behavior in another organization in the same deployment for any Out of box entity.

    2. If you are facing the same issue there also then

    3. Can you please reapply the UR6 and check this behavior again. if that also does not work  then I would suggest you to open a support case with Microsoft.