Assigning a lead or an opportunity to the previous sales person

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Albert Kim asked a question on 29 Mar 2012 2:17 PM

I am new to Dynamics and I am basically a one man show customizing Dynamics for a small retail business. I am wondering how I would be able to do what I mentioned in the subject. But let me give some background information first:

Our customers are very particular and only want to deal with their original sales person. We have information requests from our website coming into my inbox. I track those information requests via Outlook and it automatically creates a lead. (I am aware of internet lead capture which I will be implementing later. =P)  I edit the lead with additional information that Dynamics doesn't auto populate manually. The only thing that is unique that identifies our customers are their email addresses. That is the only piece of information that is really reliable and required. Most of our customers do not give their names or any personal information beside an email address. We only use contacts. No accounts. Our contacts are assigned to the sales person that dealt with the customer originally.

With that said, I want to create a workflow that will do the following:
1) Check if it is a returning customer based on their email.
2) If they are a returning customer, I want Dynamics to assign the new lead/opportunity/etc to the owner of that specific contact. 

I have no programming knowledge beside that I took a C++ class before and I can read code to a point. I kind of know how to use web resources and link libraries and call functions in events. I just don't know JScript syntax and coding.  


Gus Gonzalez responded on 30 Mar 2012 11:53 AM

I don't think you can accomplish this with a Workflow but you could enable a Duplicate Detection rule that will not qualify those Leads into Contacts without telling you first that there is already a contact in the system with the same email address.

Would that suffice?

Albert Kim responded on 2 Apr 2012 11:18 AM

I was looking to assign leads to users who have previously dealt with that customer.

Rune Daub responded on 2 Apr 2012 12:54 PM

What I normally do when I talk to clients is I ask them how their account management works.

Do you have multiple Account Managers per client. Or only 1.

If only 1, just set the owner of the Account to that particular Account Manager and then make certain that the "Owner" field is alligned with all sub opportunties (leads) either through a workflow or by adding the owner field as an inherit field through the relationship.

If more than 1 Account Manager, then you have to figure out how you want to run the account management. Is it by product? Business Area? Location? and then build your business logic from there. Its not hard and I think most of your requirements would be able to be handled with default functionality, but you need to think it through.. Both the business impact and the design descission impact. This is what good Business Consultants normally can help you with.

Albert Kim responded on 2 Apr 2012 1:48 PM

I think there is a bit of confusion.

I go through all information requests that come in from customers via an inbox. I have to create a lead from these emails and assign them over to a sales person. If it is a new customer all together then I assign them round robin which I have a workflow set up for.

But if they are a returning customer, I have to go look up the customer, find the sales rep that dealt with them in the past via the CRM, create the lead and assign it to that sales person. I would like to automate this process.

Our sales reps have a one to one relationship with the clients. Customers are assigned a sales rep essentially.

Rune Daub responded on 2 Apr 2012 1:59 PM

Then its easy.

Create a workflow that updates the sales rep on the account based on the child leads. Basicly every time a lead is managed by a sales rep, the account is updated with the sales rep.

On "new accounts" your workflow will assign.

Then create another workflow that sets the lead to the same owner as the sales rep on the account.

So 2 new workflows.

Albert Kim responded on 2 Apr 2012 2:07 PM

We don't use accounts. Only customers. But I'm not even at that point yet.

I am creating leads. Most of the time, I will only have an email address. So I need to look up this email address, check to see if there is an existing customer and if there is assign the lead to the owner of that customer.

Rune Daub responded on 2 Apr 2012 2:15 PM

I think you are maybe handling the business requirements wrong then. Sorry to say.

There are 3 base entities in CRM.

  • Leads - Only used for unhandled potential customers. That you have no "engagement" with.
  • Accounts - Used to register the companies that you deal with.
  • Contacts - Used to register the individual contacts that you deal with.

There is nothing called "Customers" unless you renamed one of the above base entities.

With Leads you are unable to register a potential sale "Opportunity". You can only do that on Accounts and Contacts.

The correct way to handle what I think you are doing.. is to create all the email adresses as contacts in CRM. Then each time you get a new email you convert that email into an opportunity through the Outlook client. That opportunity is then assigned to a Sales rep.

If you are not doing it like this, you are either working CRM in a unintended way or I have not understood your needs at all.

Albert Kim responded on 2 Apr 2012 2:30 PM

We are using the following:

Leads (Renamed to Infos aka Information Requests)

Opportunities (Renamed to Memos)

Contacts (Renamed to customers)

We only want to track customers instead of vendor relationships so we renamed it to customers. Customers (both new and returning) send in requests for information via email. I receive those emails and I have to create a "Info" in CRM and then assign it to a sales rep to have them respond to the customer. The problem is I need to be able to see if there is an Existing Contact using the email address and assign the Lead to the Owner of that Contact.

Our customers do not like giving their personal information. They will only give an email address most of the time.

So this is what I want to accomplish. I track an email in CRM which automatically creates a Lead. I open the lead and fill out some more information. I would like CRM to basically say, "Hey, this email address belongs to John Smith (Contact). John Smith has been dealing with John Doe(Owner). I'll assign this lead to John Doe."

Rune Daub responded on 2 Apr 2012 2:43 PM

But that is the part I dont get.

If the email adress is allready created as a customer, why would you want it to create a lead (info) and assign that to a sales rep? Contacts(Customers) and Leads (infos) ahould never have a recurring email. 1 email should allways be unique across contacts and leads.

I dont see you talk about opportunities.. When do you create those?