Solution and publisher options are not available

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HI I am trying to change a customization in my cRM but i got the next error.


Warning:  solution and publisher options are not available since your language does not match system base language


thanks for any comments !!!

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  • Carlos,

    What is the language of the case CRM server?

  • I'm using dynamics CRM Online and, after changing to Windows 8, I'm also gettig this message...

    How can I know my server system base language?

    I've changed my client language to all the possible combinations without success.

    Please help.

  • You can set the language through the following procedure:

    Go to File -> Options -> Languages tab

    You will find the Base Language here too.


  • You are only allowed to make customization to the system if the current language set is in fact the same as the base language set during the installation.

    So change the current language to the base language and try again.