logged in User using WhoAmIRequest class always returns "SYSTEM"

logged in User using WhoAmIRequest class always returns "SYSTEM"

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I have a big issue that I am trying to resolve for more than a week. Appreciate if you could enlighten me.



If I run the below code directly via VS 2010, it returns me with the correct result.

If I tried to run the same code directly from IIS 7.5 (using CRMAppPool) it reurns "SYSTEM"

If I'm trying to get the logged in User in crm 2011 using WhoAmIRequest class , it always return the system user instead of the logged in user I don't know why??


Thank and really hope to get good answer from you soonest.







My code as below: (I have use the latest DLL file from SDK)


Public _service As IOrganizationService




Public Function GetOrganization() As




Dim organizationUri As New Uri("http://company:81/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc"




Dim cred As New




Dim _serviceproxy As New OrganizationServiceProxy(organizationUri, Nothing, cred, Nothing





._service = _serviceproxy



Dim who As New WhoAmIRequest




Dim whoResp As WhoAmIResponse = CType(_serviceproxy.Execute(who), WhoAmIResponse




Dim currentUserId As Guid = whoResp.UserId




Return Me







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