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Delete Read Only / Closed Items

Hello Everyone, Here is how to delete almost any Read Only / Closed item in CRM 4.0. Create a workflow to change the status of the item for closed to new or draft. For Example... You just installed CRM 4 and are using some test accounts and creating some test invoices... You try to delete the test invoices...
Forum Thread | on 6 Aug 2009 by Stephen Price

Workflow Dynamic Values not populating

I am creating a workflow process that will generate an email when certain attributes change on a case. When I try to use Dynamic Values to populate the text of an email, it will not populate the values, it will only list the "fields" in the email generated. Example of what is in the email upon...
Forum Thread | on 17 Oct 2008 by Joelp

Creating Leads

i want to be able to prevent a lead being created unless some specific fields have data entered. eg the Lead Source.
Forum Thread | on 18 Nov 2008 by Malcolm Knott

Running a workflow against the current date.

Hey everyone, I'm trying to run a workflow that will take a last touch date and compare it to the current date. If the current date is 1 month past the touch date, then the workflow starts, sending an email to the account/contact owner. I googled this and it seems as if the only solution is...
Forum Thread | on 19 May 2009 by Chris Jackman

Hyperlink in Workflow Generated Email Message CRM 4.0

I am trying to insert a hyperlink to a file folder on our network in a CRM 4.0 workflow generated email message. This is the example that worked in CRM 3.0 but does not render correctly in CRM 4.0. <a href="file://///stor01/filestor/opportunity/{foldername(Opportunity)}">Click Here<...
Forum Thread | on 19 Dec 2008 by Tom Graham