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Accessing oData results and applying them to field

Hi All, Quick question: I'm using oData to access some records and I have these stored as follows: var results = JSON.parse(req.responseText).d.results; if (results != null && results.length > 0) { alert = whatgoeshere?? } Can anyone reveal the syntax for accessing the results...
Forum Thread | on 12 Jan 2016 by eredn_

JS : formOnSave function not found

Hi, We encounter a problem that disappoint us. We use some JavaScript customisations. For each entities, we have an Onload and an OnSave method (respectively formOnLoad and formOnSave). The first method work well, but the second throw an error : "function expected" on formOnSave(); in the...
Forum Thread | on 12 Jan 2015 by jean-baptiste bergy

Counting Open Activities.

Hi, I've been given a requirement to have a tile created in HTML as a web resource on the Opportunity Main Form. In this tile it should show the number of open task activities that have been assigned to the Opportunity record open. I have already made the tile in HTML, very simply. Just was wondering...
Forum Thread | on 8 Dec 2014 by Liam Hunt

CRM 2013 JavaScript REST SDK updateRecord error

function updateProjectRoleRecord(userId, userName, projectId, roleOptionSetId) { var user = { Id: userId, LogicalName: "systemuser", }; var projectRoles; data.retrieveMultipleRecords( "abc_projectroles", "$filter=abc_project/Id eq (guid'" + projectId + "'...
Forum Thread | on 18 Aug 2014 by bcaspar

config : Hardcoded URLs in javascript

I have a problem where there are URLs hardcoded in a JavaScript web resource. The problem with this is that when taking a cut from production to other environments, these carry the production URLs with them. The other issue is that when performing releases from Dev’s upwards, the release team need...
Forum Thread | on 13 Aug 2014 by johny_crm

Hide tab based on yes/no option set value in CRM 2013

Hello, I am attempting to show a tab on a form if a particular field is set to "yes". I created a web resource with the following jscript: "Puts" is the tab name, "bkdt_fhtc" is the field name and "1" is the value for yes in the option set. The event handler...
Forum Thread | on 11 Dec 2013 by Mike Moorehead

Java Script to change a field

Does anyone have a jscript that will change a field from yes to no based on an attribute check box? For example if on Contact Form if the Referrer Box is checked then the box for Synch to Outlook needs to change from yes to no. I created a worrkflow for this but my manager want it to happen immediately...
Forum Thread | on 8 Apr 2014 by pegineb

Email form OnLoad event

I would like to have an email template inserted to the email OnLoad. So basically the normal procedure is the open the case, create a new email activity and click on the "insert template" button, select the Regard Object and then select the template. I would like to automate this process...
Forum Thread | on 8 Apr 2009 by Pierre Joubert

Restrict who can 'Close as Won' within Opportunities

I'm looking for a way I can restrict certain users from closing an opportunity as won. Ideally I would like a small amount of users who can close any given opportunity as won. I can use JavaScript to get the User's ID etc to use but seriously stuck for ideas. I understand that you can prevent...
Forum Thread | on 15 Jul 2014 by Jamie Bassett

Urgent: Hide views from drop down list

Hi Everybody, Coming straight to the point, there are list of different views available in Activites Entity. I want to hide some of the view from it. I don't want user to use them and I also don't want to remove it from database completely also. I need a solution on front-end side or...
Forum Thread | on 24 May 2009 by Utsav Acharya

Set value of a field equal to another field in CRM 4.0

I have two related entities, one is contact and one is employer plan, an employer plan can have multiple contacts. The is a text field called "Client ID" on employer plan, now we want to put a text field has the same name on contact form to show the same "Client ID" number as the...
Forum Thread | on 28 Jan 2014 by David1213

How to trigger Javascript in Grid Refreshing?

I create one javascript function For calculate the No.Of Days from created Date and show in one Field. And I add that script in Form Load and as well Form Save Actions.It was Working Fine. Now My question is,I need to trigger that javascript function grid's(view) refresh.Or I need to calculate...
Forum Thread | on 10 Jul 2014 by vijay12872

Insert FetchXml into subgrid chart's view using javascript.

I went digging around on the net to find examples of this and did find serveral that got me in the right direction. But I still seem to be missing something. I think what I'm doing wrong is assigning the fetchxml to the subgrid rather than the chart's view in the subgrid. Can anyone tell me how...
Forum Thread | on 27 Mar 2012 by Cory Bonallo

Add 'Submit' button to a form

I've found some code to add a button to a CRM 2011 form. My issue is creating the action that will fire when the button is clicked. Essentially, I'd like it to do two things: 1. change the value of an Option Set field from 'No' to 'Yes' and 2. Save & Close the form.
Forum Thread | on 8 Oct 2013 by Joe Dubs

Field value cant be set properly CRM 2011

Hi Guys, We have an option set called"stage" and a text field called "probablity", and we want to show different probability value based on the stage options. So below is the jscript I wrote, the wired part is, some options are working but some are not, ("Open Won "...
Forum Thread | on 28 Mar 2014 by David1213

Display CRM Form Subgrid on HTML Webresouce Dynamically

Hi, I have to Display CRM Form Subgrid and its Data on HTML Webresouce dynamically which will include all the latest included data in the subgrid and on print also those subgrids should come on print preview . Thanks in Advance . Please suggest for the same . Regards
Forum Thread | on 11 Apr 2014 by gulu