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Upgrade CRM2015 to CRM2016

Hi All, I have this error when I try to upgrade an organization from CRM2015 to CRM2016: Database having version is not supported for upgraded. How can I resolve the problem? Thanks A.G.
Forum Thread | on 28 Apr 2016 by Alessandro Graps

Upgrade CRM2015 at CRM2016

Hi, I try to upgrade from CRM2015 to CRM2016 but I have this error when I try to import the organization: This organization cannot be upgraded. You can only upgrade organizations that have a version of CRM that is no earlier than Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. The version of CRM2015 is:
Forum Thread | on 26 Apr 2016 by Alessandro Graps

Data curation - Contacts that appear as Leads too

Hi, We have a certain situation at our company: Leads are created in real time by the Customer Engagement Representatives. But also, Contacts are created whenever someone downloads a paid/free resource from our store (through import) Can you recommend me any set of actions that will allow me to...
Forum Thread | on 26 Apr 2016 by Adrian Suteu

Migrate relationship attributes data from Account to Contact

Our company has been using only Accounts. We want to segregate the accounts from actual customers. Basically we have companies as parent accounts and actual users as child accounts. Now we want migrate all the child account data to contacts. Any suggestions on what should be the best approach to move...
Forum Thread | on 5 Apr 2016 by Sumukh Sharma

Repeated Error pop up makes CRM form unusable.

Hello, I have been getting a repeated pop up message saying "There was an error loading the page. Please refresh the page" on a few of my custom entities. This is so repeated that it almost make the form unusable for any data entry. I tried to use Fiddler and developer tools options, but...
Forum Thread | on 24 Mar 2016 by ArunKumarS

Database Curation - Delete Leads that also appear as Contacts.

Our database has Leads that also appear as Contacts, but they were not Qualified so the Leads aren't inactive. Is there any way to deactivate the Leads and migrate the Activities information on the Contacts? That is what I would like to do. And doing it in bulk would be perfect. So I would...
Forum Thread | on 26 Feb 2016 by Adrian Suteu

Solution Migration - How To

We are all new to Dynamics in our organization and need to know where to start to master the migration of solutions from one online instance to another. We need to understand the moving parts, tools, and gotchas. Can someone give us a suggested starting point and references to study? Thank you!
Forum Thread | on 17 Feb 2016 by Cyclefitness

Online Data Migration Entity Order

I am preparing to migrate an on-premise CRM organisation to CRM Online, which obviously involves migrating data. We are planning on using Scribe for the migration. The question is: where do I start? What order do I do things in? I cannot find anywhere a rough guide to the order in which entities...
Forum Thread | on 1 Feb 2016 by TWild

Need help with Code

Hi, I have no prior knowledge of coding. I’m starting a new data migration project whereby I’ll need to use the code below to match CRM GUIDs in the migration tool. The issue is, we need an if/else statement to be nested in the middle somewhere that only runs the code if the entitytype...
Forum Thread | on 21 Jan 2016 by JDMCRM

Moving from an Office 365 tenant to a new one

Dear All, Our company is acting as a subsidiary within a company holding (including several companies). Within this holding we are using one common Office 365 tenant for all companies. The holding has 2 production CRM Online organizations (one is ours, other belongs to another subsidiary). This year...
Forum Thread | on 10 Nov 2015 by Zoltan

Moving Instance to a new Tenant

Hi, Is there a way to simply move an instance of CRM from one tenant to another, without the need to export from the old tenant and import to the new? Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 4 Nov 2015 by JDMCRM

RE: CRM Data Import

Hi Aiden and HIMBAP, Thanks a lot for helping me by giving suggestions. But I don't want to spend on data migration tool. So I tried out of box data import and some of importing data doesn't have unique key name for lookup mapping. But today I've found a way to do it and I even wrote a...
Forum Reply | on 3 Nov 2015 by Ye Myint Win

Migrating form crm online to crm on premise 2015

Hi, I want to migrate all my organization from crm online to crm on premise 2015. I installed microsoft dynamics crm on premise. What is the best practices and what are the steps for migrating all solutions, users, custom views... ? I noticed that in crm 2015 on premise there is no possibility...
Forum Thread | on 30 Oct 2015 by Mounir

CRM 2013 IFD to 2015 IFD Migration

Dear All I am currently in the process of testing the migration of CRM 2013 on premise IFD to 2015 IFD on premises This is a migration to new servers rather than an in place upgrade However i am wanting to test the IFD of the 2015 before we go live so just wondering what peoples experience...
Forum Thread | on 21 Oct 2015 by Karkan

Merging CRM Online Tenants

Hi there, I have a client that currently has a trial instance of CRM Online that they would like to move over to another pre-existing tenant. What is the process to do this? Is Microsoft able to do this by just creating a ticket? Appreciate the advice. Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 28 Sep 2015 by CHold

Migration tool from SalesForce to CRM 2015

Hi, any recommendations on good reliable migration tool from Sales Force to Dynamics CRM 2015? Mostly needed for extracting files from Sales Force and insert them into CRM 2015. Preferable a free tool. Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 18 Sep 2015 by Cloud9

CRM 2015 and SharePoint 2010

I am currently running CRM 2013 w/ SharePoint 2010 integration using the 2013 List Component. I am in the process of planning my upgrade to CRM 2015 and have read conflicting reports about the continued support for the List Component in CRM 2015 Update 1. I am not in any rush to update my SharePoint...
Forum Thread | on 11 Sep 2015 by Joe Dubs