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Re: Localised sample data

Save the data into a unicode-compliant text file, NOT a csv. The import tool will read it and bring the data in correctly. Leon Tribe
Forum Reply | on 16 Oct 2008 by Leon Tribe

Re: Upgrade: CRM 3.0 > CRM 4.0 - with the data migration?

The implementation guide is a good start: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1ceb5e01-de9f-48c0-8ce2-51633ebf4714&DisplayLang=en This takes you some of the way there. The rest you should be able to piece together from the forum posts and Google. The short version is...
Forum Reply | on 28 Sep 2008 by Leon Tribe

Re: Track in CRM for Appoinments

In the user options (CRM-Options). On the general tab you can turn off what gets synched between CRM and Outlook. Turn off the 'Appointment' option and it should stop synching. Leon Tribe
Forum Reply | on 27 Oct 2008 by Leon Tribe

Create a quick campaign by code

I need create a quick campaign with visual studio 2005 c#. But when i try it, a exception appears : 0x80040800 The method being invoked does not support provided entity type. Platform my code is the next: bulkoperation Bulk = new bulkoperation (); Bulk.actualend = new CrmDateTime...
Forum Thread | on 4 Feb 2009 by cemo

Re: Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework

There was a component called the Bridge Framework and it was great. Microsoft themselves used this in some of their demos and the part of it people remember was the ability to adjust a quote in Word and send this information directly back to CRM from the Word screen. The bad news is it was available...
Forum Reply | on 29 Sep 2008 by Leon Tribe

Re: Leads/Contacts/Accounts/Opportunities

Generally speaking the definitions are quite flexible but here is the common definition: Lead: An unqualified opportunity. This could be as simple as a business card or a conversation overheard in a pub Contact: The individuals your business interacts with during the normal course of the day (normally...
Forum Reply | on 25 Sep 2008 by Leon Tribe

Re: Uploading from one crm system to MS Crm

Short of developing an import utility or using a third party tool like Scribe, if you can extract the data out of the CRM into csv format, you can import it using the standard import utilities that come with CRM. Leon Tribe
Forum Reply | on 29 Sep 2008 by Leon Tribe

Re: keeping the history of previous owners of accounts?

This is a function of the security settings you have against the account-opportunity relationship. If you go to settings and look at the relationship you should see it set to cascading, which means security flows down to the child entity. Adjust this security and ownership of the child records will not...
Forum Reply | on 29 Sep 2008 by Leon Tribe

Adding one activity entry to multiple records

Hi, I am trying to run the "Create Quick Campaign Wizard" for a list of accounts pulled up through an advanced find. When I create the campaign activity and try to post it to all account records, I get the following error message: "CRM installation is in an inconsistent state to...
Forum Thread | on 23 Apr 2009 by Kate Web