Hi All,

We are experiencing this issue intermittently on a CRM 2013 On-Premise system patched up to UR3 and SP1.

When a user clicks the Save or Save+Close button, he is presented with the dialog 'You have not saved your changes. Leave the page or stay on the current page?" If the user clicks Stay, a copy of the record is created. If the user were to click Stay --> Save --> Stay --> Save --> Stay, he unwittingly ends up creating 3 identical records.


The release notes for UR 1, 2 and 3 make mention of duplicate records being created when the user clicks Save. If this has been fixed, why are we still seeing it after SP1?

The issue occurs intermittently; not for every Save. Seems to occur almost certainly after a change/publish has been executed.

Please reply if you have encountered the same issue and/or have some ideas to prevent this.