Hello all

I was assigned to maintain a connector Service between CRM 2011 and AX 2012 "on the fly", and of course there is no installation documentation available, and I have to reverse-engineer everything.

Is there a way to resolve exactly what settings were used when an integration was set up? Mainly I need to know if there was a Company selected in AX end of the integration when the settings were done.

I have tried to export mappings to xml, and exporting the whole integration to a file, but so far I have been unsuccessfull finding out what was selected when the integration was first set up.

Direction of the integration can be derived from "Source entity" and "Destination entity", but how to find out if there was a Company selected, and even what instances of AX and CRM were used?

I am sure there is an easy way to find this out, but alas, I was unable to find it from the Connector documentation and/or discussion forums.

Best Regards,