We have this strange issue where a new organization was created using a database backup of production. Issue here is, for entity A in source (i.e. production) we have two fields of type decimal populated with a value for all the entity A records, but the target environment created using dbrestore is missing these value for all the records.

  • Audit history on source shows the field populated while creating the records.
  • We do have same audit history record on target with same date and time but the field entry is missing there. Instead there are two unusual entries with attribute mask number appended by [deleted]. I’m not aware what this entry points too as this got added to the create step itself. This is for all such records of that entity on target.
  • Two deleted records points to the two fields for which data was not populated.
  • But strangely these two fields still exits on source as well as target and were never deleted.

 Any inputs will be helpful. Thanks in advance!