Following successful installation of the Gamification solution from AppSource:

Activate the Gamification web app for your organization

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics 365, go to Settings > Solutions and then double-click the Gamification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.
  2. Click Start Activation and sign in with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) admin credentials.
  3. Accept the disclaimer and provide a Name and a Location for your instance of the Gamification web app.
  4. Click Register to start the activation and obtain the security key.
  5. Copy the Security Key and paste it in the input box.
  6. Click Authorize to complete the connection between Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Gamification.

Note: Please disregard notice of welcome email following activation. We are in process of updating message. No welcome email will be sent. Instead, please login directly to Gamification web app in order to setup your first game.


Click here for additional information on setting up games.