I have an on Premise version of CRM 2011 using ADFS and Excel and Outlook 2016. Both users have the Dynamics for outlook plugin installed and can Export to Excel themselves and refresh the files they have created without issue.

The problem is that they cannot refresh each others Excel files. The query looks to be running but doesn't bring back any results. I will follow up with full details of the versions and specifics around error messages shortly but wondered if anyone else has experienced this? 

I downloaded the xml file (only option) from CRM 2011 using IE, opened in Excel and saved as XLSX. I can open and refresh as the current user but when another user tries to refresh on their machine it doesn't refresh.

The query is still in the file but I am wondering if there is something sinister going on with connections and ADFS with an older version of CRM? This does not happen with our online version of D365.