Hello All,

              Today i did the default mapping setup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector , i am successfully test all the entity integration(Accounts,Products etc) from Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM but my Accounts are not syncing From CRM To Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers.I did checked all the connection settings all looks good and also i am not getting error or message in the Sync Job Log
I have done below checks but no luck

1. Search for and open the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connection Setup page. In the ribbon, click on the Integration Table Mappings button. In the Integration Table Mappings page, locate the line with Name/Table value of CUSTOMER/Customer. Ensure that the far right column (Synch Only Coupled Records) is unmarked.

2. In CRM, for each Account that you wish to synchronise, the Relationship Type field value must be Customer. This field is not included in the Account page, by default. It must be added to the page.

3.Added all fields in Account Form required for Integration Mapping