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I think the latest update for the E-Mail Editor in Dynamics 365 was great, finally we can use HTML formatted E-Mails. However one of the most important functionalities is still missing, to be able to insert images from your local computer directly to the Dynamics 365 E-Mail Body. I think this would be a really useful feature so I created an future suggestion on the Ideas forum. The more vote the post gets the bigger the possibility that Microsoft consider this feature for next release. So I would ask you guys to vote on this idea: Allow to add local stored images into E-Mail Body Just click "sign in" and login and then go back to the post and click the up arrow on the left side of the post, that would help a lot. Sharing the idea and ask your colleagues to vote to would be also a big help!

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Detailed description:

Currently the Dynamics 365 E-Mail Editor only allows to insert images in the E-Mail body via a link meaning images have to be stored online. Local images can only be inserted as attachment. This is not really productive if you need to add local images that must be in the context of the text like step by step instructions for answering a case or screenshots with descriptions.

Proposed Functionality:
Allow users to copy & paste images from their computer in the Dynamics 365 E-Mail body and/or to upload images from the computer to Dynamics 365 and insert it in the E-Mail body. This functionality is normally available in E-Mail editors like outlook, gmail etc.

Added value for Dynamics 365 users & customers:
For the dynamics 365 user it is much easier to insert a image if he can just copy & paste to the body or upload it in Dynamics 365 and then add in the body instead of uploading the image on a different web storage and search for the right link to be able to insert the image.

On the customers side the images are directly visible inside the E-Mail with the right flow and context. The customer can see all images directly in a structured way instead of having to open each image individually from an unstructured attachment list. This makes it easier for the customer to read the E-mail and understand the content and and finally increases the customer satisfaction.

This functionality would be useful for many Dynamics 365 users and was already suggest multiple times.