Just in case somebody run into this error in Resourceplanning.

If you add a new entity to the scheduling board (like Opportunities) you can create the relationship directly in the form "Entities for Resourceplanning"

There you select the entity you want to add and the booking relationshsip and request relationship. If you have not prepared a relationship already it creates one for you called "new_Opportunity" ( or "new_YOURSELECTEDENTITY).

PROBLEM: This created an unmanaged relationship in a managed solution (the standard MSFT Resource Management Solution)

It all works fine until you customize something which has any relation to the scheduling entities and you want to import your solution as managed solution into the enviroment. Now you get an error that a unmanaged component cannot be overwritten by a managed component if the target is a standard solution. The error makes sense but as you have never built an unmanaged component in your environment it confuses completely.

What to do:

1) Create a relationship yourself in your dev environment and export it as managed into your target environment

2) Delete the entity from the list of activated entities in the setup assistant for "Activate Entities for Resource Planning". This will not delete all your bookings but do not book anything while this is deleted

3) Add you entity to the list of entities for resource planning ("Entities for resource planning")

4) While adding before save select in the two dropdown boxes the relationship you have imported before

Given the above you can now also import managed solution into environments where you have created a new relationshop

BUT: Unfortunatley during the last updates of Ressource Management from Microsoft the relationship was reset to "new_opportunity" As this relationship does not exist the plugin of the scheduling board cannot find it and you cannot book ressources as the booking area is inactive.

Now go back to the "entities for Resource Planning" and delete the entity again and set it up new with your own relationship. Scheduling board is running after that again.

However I raised a bug at Microsoft that this is overwritten and that this is an error.