I am experiencing an issue with Dynamics 365 Online CRM Version 1710 ( online.

Windows 10

Issue occurs only in IE 11 (tested also in Chrome and Edge). Issue only occurs on one machine, testing on another user's machine shows no errors. 

Note: This is my machine with the issue. I bang around in CRM all day sometimes so it's logical that the issue happens to me as I'm crawling all over the thing all the time.

When opening any entity type (case, account, contact, etc) IE throws a generic error "An error has occurred" push this button to review log. All the log reveals is an activityid which could be used to find the log file on the server. Unfortunately this log file is unavailable to me.

This issue occurred last week. I tried clearing cache and private mode and it didn't resolve itself. I saw many cases similar in the forums going back years ago but no real solutions or explanations except variations on clearing the cache more thoroughly.

I got disgusted and was just going to re-image my machine but after a few days I checked it again and the problem had resolved itself.

Yesterday the issue began again. Another search, same results. I tried clearing the cache and manually deleting the remaining files. I also changed the cache setting from automatically to "every visit to page". I tested in "private" mode and the problem is gone but back in normal mode the problem still exists.

I see this issue posted going all the way back to 2013. Clearly it still happens and no one has identified and fixed it.

I've been a professional developer for nearly 20 years. I can't believe a developer on this project or someone else hasn't experienced this issue and found it's source by now.

It is ridiculous to blame it on the browser or to suggest people waste time clearing the cache in more and more intricate ways and just suffer through this waste of time over and over. This is not a free product. My organization pays stupid amounts of money for this steaming pile of abstracted programmatic non-sense. Your caching implementation is crashing in the browser your own company manufactures! Catch the error and produce the correct data, don't pass this generic response on to me asking me to seek support in a forum for Pete's sake!

I doubt there's a point asking for help because I've seen the previous posts but if anyone knows how to actually fix this or what the real cause is that would be wonderful to know and I thank you in advance. Otherwise at least I got it off my chest and am just adding one more variation of this issue to the pile.