Hi all,

We have a requirement to be able to generate lots of documents, e.g., letters and certs etc. for our customers and CRM would provide a quick way to do this using a third party solution. Initially, we thought we could just attach these via notes to the cases or other entities containing the requests but we are now realising that maybe we need to starting looking at this from a document management perspective. We also need to factor in the cost of storage and how to reduce and better manage this.

After doing some research, the following considerations started to surface:

  • Users will need to be able to easily see, search all documents associated with an account, contact, case or other entity. It is not ideal if they have to navigate through say cases etc.
  • We will also need to be able to add some meta data per document, e.g., type of letter,
  • We will need to be able to easily email these out to the contacts if required (in pdf format),
  • Security is an important consideration, e.g., if you don't have access to a case then one shouldn't be able to see the associated documents for it.
  • An interesting article on CRM Tips raised the concept of separating out attachments and documents, e.g., use Azure blob for attachments and integrate with SharePoint to store documents.


We would be very grateful for your thoughts and experiences on this and what solutions you have come up with to meet your needs, also what factors informed your strategy, e.g., user experience, cost of storage, tools used - Attachment Extractor etc., security etc.

Thanks in advance!