We have a separate database (database A) where we are storing all our Dynamics contact IDs. When a record in database A is updated, we are creating a new record in Dynamics. The creation part is working good. However, we are having some trouble passing the Dynamics Contact ID from database A to the Client lookup field in the Dynamics record. Does anyone have tips or documentation for doing this?

On a side note, it looks like the CRUD operations using Dynamics APIs are slowing down the front end for database A. For instance, when we used to update a record, it happened for our users almost instantly. Now, when we do that update and it's tied to creating the record in Dynamics, it takes 2 seconds or so for our users to see the update on their end (database A front end). How can we use the Dynamics API without out slowing anything down?

Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated. Thanks.