Hey everyone, 

I am creating email templates and want them to be used from different people in our company. So the signature below the mail must be dynamic to whoever uses the template.

The problem I have is, that the emailadress, which is deposited as emailadress in CRM, does only come as text.

I tried to make a link out of it but the link will only be the field linked, not the value of the field like "{!User:mailaddress;}" so there would be no link to follow for the recipient of the mail.

My idea is: create a field that has a value like: mailto:user1@company.com and create another field that will take the original emailaddress user1@company.com and make a link of it with the value of mailto: ...
I'd do it like <hyperlink><name>{!User:mailaddress;}</name><value> [value of the mailto field] </value></hyperlink>

But how do I put this in a workflow? 
Thanks in advance