Lets assume that i did most of the performance increasing configurations for production and for the server architecture two front end and two back end servers load balancing and sql Cluster architecture for database servers.With these configurations i still cant be sure if ms crm can handle our process load.

We are planing to have one web site(which is developed with java spring mvc) for the customers which users can register for membership and order products.And every register and order will create entity on our ms crm on premises database.We have a web api project between the web site and ms crm which manages requests between both.We created a user on ms crm which will create,update or delete entity on ms crm for these requests.(and these updates or creates can trigger many workflows on ms crm)Can that only user do these processes at the same time?i mean if a users send create request and the other send update request (lets consider thousands of user doing these simultaneously) and our only user on ms crm runs the code service.create or service.update on different entities at the same time.Can ms crm on premise handle with this without any performance issues?

And we have mass production process and every single product will create and entity(a custom entity will keep product information related to customer) after it is produced.(thousands of production process in a day while at the same time our web site also process loading on ms crm).And the other process is our other ERP system will do the billing which salesorder on ms crm sends necessary information for billing to this ERP and ERP will update salesorder status afterwards.)And plus in some cases we are using ms crm email router for sending mails to customers for some cases.

in brief we are using ms crm as main database which is integrated with more than 3 other systems and those cause thousands of process loading on ms crm. ı want to be sure if our 2 front end 2 back end and sql cluster architecture is enough and this system can work without performance issues. If it is going to be a big problem we should change our architecture and give up ms crm development(we wrote many plugins and workflows and customizations) and develop our crm management. Yes we are so far away from ms crm default usage.

Note : We are currently using crm 2011 on premise at the moment with almost 25 users and when things get bussier, crm gets slower and slower that's why i have this concern.

Thanks for advices.