I have a customer requirement to be able to perform a keyword search against records. We are currently implementing this via a multi-valued parameter report. The user should be able to type in any keywords they want, and that will be used as the parameter. The parameter is set up as multi-valued, with no default values and no available values.

The report works perfectly on the report server on any browser and when running from CRM in IE11. However, the report does not run from CRM in Chrome or Edge. The "Report is being generated" loading symbol appears for a few seconds, and then the page is completely blank. I have tried checking the execution log on the report server, and the report server doesn't log any event whatsoever when trying to run it from Chrome/Edge. When I switched the parameter to have a list of available values to select from, it works fine in every browser; however, the user should be able to enter in any values that they want, so having a list of available values does not satisfy the requirement.

Any idea what could be causing this issue? Can Chrome/Edge not support multi-valued reports without a list of available values?We are using Dynamics CRM 2016 on-prem, v8.