Hi all,

We are having extremely poor performance metrics using the ADXStudio community edition with our on-premise CRM. We are currently performing very basic performance tests on the home page, 200 concurrent users accessing the homepage, and the average time to load the page is approximately 20 seconds. This is with a single portal server hosting AdxStudio, and 1 CRM front-end, 1 CRM back-end, and 1 CRM SQL server. Plan is to scale this out to have multiple portal servers, but if we get such poor performance with one server scaling it out is only going to help so much.

We tried to rule out the network by spinning 2 VM's in Azure: 1 x single server CRM installation (v8.2), and 1 x portal server with vanilla AdxStudio. Standard specs, nothing too high or low. Running the same performance test on this portal gave the same results, approximately 20 second load average with 200 concurrent users on a home page. 

We have done a lot of investigation, playing with IIS settings, making sure WIF is enabled, making sure we are not downloading anything unnecessarily on the home page (although that is where most of the files get downloaded), made sure Web Notification plugins are only enabled for the correct entities, followed the blogs for basic optimisation of the portal (minification, etc). 

It appears that the product itself is very non-performant, and nothing we do makes any major difference. Does anyone have any experience of a similar problem? Are there any baseline stats for how performant an AsxStudio site can be? Does anyone have AdxStudio Community Edition working with a website that gets plenty of visitors and performs well? 

Any information will be of help, thanks in advance.