My org is moving from CRM 2011 to CRM 2016 (finally!). I support my group from the user side, working with our IT group. (I'm not an IT guy by trade.... but know enough to be dangerous if given too much access...)

I am noticing the interface of the Dashboard is a bit different from 2011. I guess that is expected....I have tons of various Personal Views created that I have brought into many Dashboards that are specialized for our specific users' needs. Unlike CRM 2011, when in CRM 2016 I cannot click a 'Column Filter' on the Ribbon of the Dashboard screen, I must now  click the icon on the right of the grid that represents the Associated View in order to get a "Filterable' view. I can modify that view to meet my Personal view columns, but I am wondering if it's possible to have the view default in a Associated view on the Dashboard from the get go?