We have CRM Online:

We use four separate price lists, each one has discount lists applied that have volume based triggers.

-Customers are assigned a default price list on their account entity page

-when placing an order in CRM the system will use the customers default price list

-These price lists have volume based discounts applied to them

In addition to this, we now have a request to add account/customer specific discounts too.

I can see a couple of ways to do this, but they all seem clunky. My ideas are:

-Create a 5th price list called something along the lines of "customer specific discounts"  and ask people to be aware of which customers get discounts and manually change the price list where applicable. I would prefer make these "special customer discounts" those customers relevant "default" price list, but they may order standard items not eligable from their specific discount list too

-Clone the relevant products on the price list, leaving the same product ID, but renaming the product with a suffix or prefix. As an example: IF product 12345 was suposed to be a special discount for account "X" i would clone product 12345 and rename the cloned version (X)12345. Based on this naming convention people would know that is account "x" version of product 12345.

Anyone have any other ideas on how i could do this in a more automatic method, that doesn't rely on human intervention to trigger the correct price?