Apologies for posting a question about such an antequated installation of Dynamics CRM but I could find no other resource on the web to answer this particular query.

Obviously I'm aware that CRM 4.0 is out of support and the answer to this should be 'upgrade'.  For the sake of argument, please assume that isn't a solution path available.

Here's the issue:

We have an on premise CRM 4.0 system which we rely on quite heavily.  We have many users whose permissions are resolved via active directory.

Users can belong to many different groups in active directory.

the issue seems to be with viewing AnnotationBase records via the ContactBase record.  When a contact has a large number of AnnotationBase records it can take a very long time to load the notes page - I'm talking hours and hours.

I'm a sys admin and the notes load in about a second regardless of how many notes a contact seems to have.

We believe that for ordinary users, their active directory permissions are being resolved for every AnnotationBase record associated with a contact, and until they are all resolved the notes page fails to render.

I confess I know very little about Dynamics CRM so I might be barking up the wrong tree, it's just something I inherited because everyone else who knew anything about it retired!

Apart from giving all our users the SysAdmin role in CRM is there a way to speed up the performance of loading customer notes?

Thanks in advance.