I’m on a team that’s looking at how we do customer proposals and presentations at ServiceIQ.

Our offer is services-based, being on-job training programmes that lead to industry qualifications. We deal with organisations of all sizes (from multi-nationals to stand-alone enterprises) in six service sectors (tourism, hospitality, retail, travel, aviation, museums).

We’re wanting to improve how we create, deliver and track business proposals to new and existing customers. We’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as our CRM and use the Office 365 suite (including SharePoint and Teams).

Ideally, the proposals system would integrate with Dynamics, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint etc. Even more ideally (if that’s a thing), the solution would be cost-effective since we’re a registered non-profit… but we’re non-loss too.

It needs to be user-friendly and flexible. The system should assist our team with the full proposal creation process, helping them finish up with a professional customer-centric result. Are we asking too much? Is there something you know of that we should look at?

All suggestions very gratefully received.

Thanks, Gary