Dear Experts,

I want to confirm couple of queries for Dynamics Portal vs MS Team integration with Dynamics 365.

Can someone pour pros and cons of using both based on my requirements below? 
In our requirement, we have internal users, plus external users. Idea is to use cost effective solutions, so that they can access dynamics.

Requirements for the product/website is:

I have a business requirement where we are building a website using MS Dynamic Portals to give access to anonymous users so that they can access and enquire through dynamics via Dynamic Community Portal.  

1. can enquire via enquiry form and it which will record into dynamics If setup the entity and bring it to portal.

2. After enquiring though, there is a process which I need to do in dynamics to run automated tasks for some sign up process etc. like different stages etc.

3. in Dynamics, training/calendar is setup which will be exposed to Portal, and they can see training dates.

4. Voice of Customer is obsolete, but it has a survey, which through online portal they can answers, which i can do through MS Forms pro, and integrate it with dynamics.

5. They can use forums - as community portal allows them.

6. Run reports/ etc.

using MS Dynamic Portals

Biggest advantage of using MS Dynamics Portal is to give access the anonymous users, so we do not have to have their license and they can view records, access calendars, and chat etc.

This website is on enterprise level, and will be used by third parties users hence the requirement of portal is obvious. as we do not want to give everyone access to dynamics.

1. I know I can use enquiry form on MS Portal easily which will add record to Dynamics.

2. Work flow can be embedded to Portal.

3. Not so sure about Calendars, but I think can be done

4. Use MS Forms pro for surveys.

5. Forums through community portals - not sure if this is robust like MS Teams

6. Reports

Using Ms Team with Dynamics:

Now, when I see MS Teams, I found it useful for collaboration with Dynamics and we are thinking to discard portal but dont know if this is a feasible or scalable options. Based on the requirement above, I know I can create channels etc.

MS teams can allow create teams, channels, chat, forums, can add record to dynamics - collabaration with dynamics.

Can all the above requirement will be fulfilled by using just Teams, I believe I have to use MS Flows, but will it be feasible?

I believe the problem of user licensing to access dynamics 365 features will still be there as just to have MS teams license does not mean they can access Dynamics, they need to be dynamics users as well. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hence my queries are

Based on above requirements, I want to ask,

1. Is it more better to deliver this requirement with MS Portals because MS Teams should only be used internally, rather than using MS Teams at this level.

2. Pros and Cons of Teams vs Dynamic Portals, or I am open to use suggestions here, if for the above requirement, it is feasible to use only Portals or Teams. Can someone put across their expereinces in terms of pros and cons of using Teams w.r.t MS Portal. 

3. Can we integrate MS Team to use the Dynamics internal Teams/Role/Security/users etc?

4. How we can best give access to External users as I believe the license part will be issue on MS Teams, as they cannot access dynamics until the dynamic license is given to that user. Please note, when I say external users, I want to add users from different domain and they can access. They can only access through teams, if this is what they are using in their internal organisation right?

5. Using Portal should be more scalable and manageable than using MS Teams as the time will pass, it will become cumbersome to use MS Teams channels?

6. I read MS Teams still have some issues with Dynamic 365 and need some workaround for integration.

7. Can calendar functionality be fully delivered using Teams as it can bring data from CRM.

8. Can we do workflows using Teams with Dynamics

9. Forum feature more robust in MS Teams than Portal?

10. Any issues with upgrades or updates with Dynamics?

11. My opinion is to use Portal with Dynamics and not to use MS Teams as I have doubt and concerned to give this as a solution for external users.Because

12. I also believe using MS Teams it will be difficult to manage and not scalable/manageable in long run. How to actually bundle up requirements etc. Like the enquiry form still need to be put across etc.  

Hence I need suggestion, if please you can reply inline to my queries above.

Many thanks in advance for reading my long posts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,