Hi, we've configured Power BI Viewer before to display Power BI reports in System Dashboards, and it is working well. 

All of a sudden, we're encountering blank screen(Power Bi reports not loading) in D365(we're using v9), so to investigate the issue, we tried updating the Config.js webresourse and add debugger, just to see what's happening. But after that update, the dashboard no longer worked! Even the configuration no longer works and shows this error.

My questions: 

  1. Considering the updates for D365 and Power BI, what is the best practice to be able to display Power BI reports to custom System Dashboards? (Because, currently, for the Dashboards, the icon to add Power BI reports is only available to Personal Dashboards.)
  2. Why does this error happening? Does anyone have idea or ever encountered the same issue? Is there an updated Managed Solution to install? 
  3. Is there a way I can check how come this issue is happening?
  4. Will this still be compatible in UCI?