Hello everyone, 

I try to display in my CRM report the list of opportunities and associated users of an N*N relationship already created in Dynamics.

We have achieved this by using the grouping option, but we want a smoother solution with SSRS. 

What I've tried so far: 

I created two datasets; the first one recovering all opportunities 

The second one for the users and their associated opportunities 

I got something lik this : 

After that in my table, I tried to use LookUpSet in my expression to get the associated users 

=Join(LookupSet(Fields!opportunityid.Value, Fields!saft_systemuser_opportunity94aa154e_opportunityid.Value, Fields!saft_systemuser_opportunity94aa154e_systemuserid.Value , "DataSet3"),",")

I didn't get any results, but when I tried with another data set containing only the intersection table, it worked well but I still need the fullname field.

=Join(LookupSet(Fields!opportunityid.Value, Fields!opportunityid.Value, Fields!systemuserid.Value , "DataSet2"),",")

I just want to know if there other solution to do that ?, and is mine not working because it's a two level lookup and it's not supported by the function ?