Our application currently uses Service Activities and the legacy Service Calendar and we need to update to Universal Resource Scheduling.  We upgraded one of our sandbox orgs to use to the Customer Service Hub and the Resourcing Scheduling apps so we can schedule Service Activities.   We also installed the “Core Service Scheduling - Legacy Data Migration Anchor” solution to migrate the legacy service data. 

When I open the Schedule Board, I can see a Service Activity that I created in the “Unscheduled Service Activities” view under the resource calendar.  However, I am not able to drag the Service Activity to a calendar. 

The only way to add the Service Activity is to select the unscheduled Service Activity and click the “Find Availability” option.   This requires a few more clicks and the interface is not very user friendly doing it this way.

Am I missing a configuration somewhere that will allow me to drag the Service Activity from the Unscheduled Service Activities list? 

I know it’s possible to schedule the Resource Requirement entity that has the Service Activity lookup on it, but this adds another layer of data between the Service Activity and the Bookable Resource Booking record.  

Looking for some advice on the best practice for Scheduling a Service Activity by dragging an unscheduled record to the Service Board calendar.